What are my Marlboros?

While going through everyone’s posts, I was immediately drawn to the post Dum-Dums are my Marlboros. After further reading I had this one thought: we are the exact same person when it comes to artistry.

On Painting and Smoking. Ode to my old studio muse. | by Linda Laino | The  Startup | Medium

1. I too have the mental image of an artist always having a cigarette in the frame.

It could be from all of the movies I’ve seen, but I also realized when you Google “Artists smoking,” it’s mainly a bunch of old photos. Then when I Google “Artists,” it’s a bunch of more recent photos where artists don’t have cigarettes. So maybe Dum-Dums ARE the new Marlboros.

2. I too am the kind of artist that gets bored easily.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself an artist, I never really do anything creative. But I do in fact get bored VERY easily when I do have the random chance of being creative. Something that has helped me though is comparing my work to similar work (that I may have done or someone else has done). Doing this peaks some sort of inspiration in me, and I no longer am bored with what I’m creating. Going off of that…

3. I too worry about failure… way too much.

Again comparing my work to similar work helps me A LOT with this. The difference though I’m not impulsive at all when there’s danger… I simply… RUN. Another way I overcome failure is by asking for feedback before I fully publish my creativity for the world to see. It may sound scary, but find someone who you trust, someone who knows your creative side and can see if what you made it to its full potential.

4. I too want to be an artist that is creative.

I think I chose to make a blog post about this blog post because it honestly sparked my creativity. And as someone who can completely related to everything that was written, I also wanted to share the different things that help me be as creative as I can be. So here’s my last piece of advice, keep looking at other blog posts because you never know – you might be like me right now wondering what my Marlboros are.

I must say too… whatever practice you have done on titles thus far, you’re doing great because the title of this blog post had me hooked!

Scooter Pooter on a Paris Street on a Rainy Day

Visual Assignment #1

When I saw this assignment, I just knew I had to do it. If you couldn’t tell already, my love for orange cats is out of this world. For some reason, every orange cat in the world seems to come to my house and knows that we will take them in. To get a little bit of background information on Scooter, my YouTube video gives a short introduction of the fat boy. But as you can see, Scooter is definitely not starving, so he was perfect for this assignment. I wasn’t sure which photo or painting I was going to use for this assignment. I looked through the website FatCatArt, and got inspiration. I immediately knew which photo of my cat/painting I was going to use. Which it’s kind of funny, because where I placed Scooter in the painting, it looks as if the people walking in the painting are actually looking at him and wondering “what is this fat, orange cat doing on a Paris Street in the rain?” And if you watch my YouTube video you’ll know he literally scratches the kitchen cabinets to get food, so he’s gonna end up being on a Paris Street in the rain if he keeps at it (sarcasm of course).

As for the process I began by using my trusty Picsart app to cutout my cat in the original photo. I then used the painting Paris Street; Rainy Day, and cut out one of the umbrellas in the photo so my cat could hold one. I placed Scooter’s cut out over the photo and placed the umbrella in his hand. I messed around with the effects on Picsart so I could better blend my cat into the painting. And that’s it. Pretty simple, yet pretty extraordinary if I do say so myself.

I also wanted to include the Live Photo of Scooter, because it’s hilarious. (Also we did get him unstuck, just had to take a picture first).

View From The Asylum

AnimatedGIF Assignment #1

“Van Gogh painted the view from his east-facing window in the asylum 21 times.”


I chose to animate The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh into a gif. I didn’t think I was going to put literal stars in the sky, until I began reading more about the paintings history. He painted it in 1889 from his room in the mental asylum. The painting depicts his view from his window. Van Gogh didn’t think this painting would gain much success, however now it’s one of the most well known paintings in the world. Since it’s so well known, many people have theories about this painting. One theory being, the cypress tree symbolizes death, which can be linked to Van Gogh’s suicide. This is part of the reason I chose this painting (the other reason being this painting is the one I’m most familiar with).

I chose to light up Van Gogh’s view to show there’s light at the end of the tunnel. In “The Joy of Painting,” part of the joy is seeing others feel joy for your work. Though many of the theories behind The Starry Night are just that, theories, Van Gogh still had doubts about his work. However, he must have seen some potential if he had painted it 21 times, and wanted it to be “perfect.” By having light in the dark, it allows people to see; but maybe in this case, I added light in respect to Van Gogh to help him see the potential he didn’t see at the time. When lighting up the houses, it sort of shows the many people in the world that appreciate his art. And lastly, when lighting up the sky with stars, it shows the beauty that’s found naturally within.

The process of making this was… interesting. I’m really only familiar with the photoshop app Picsart, so I used that to create the stars in the sky, and light up the houses at the bottom of the hill. However, I did it into 2 separate images (one image consisted of just stars, another image consisted of a different placement for the stars, but also the lights in the houses). I did this to show more movement within the picture, and show the progressions that happen at night. My next step was turning it into a GIF, which I’m not sure if I used the correct app to do this; but I used the app GIF Maker to combine all three images (the original Starry Night painting, edit 1, and edit 2). The app was extremely easy to navigate, and gave me so many different options for making a GIF. Once my GIF was complete, I simply downloaded it and put it in here!

This assignment help me feel very inspired, and find joy within the things I do even if I don’t see potential in them.

Groundbreaking Hairballs… killed everyone?

Written Assignment #1

A big cat damned everyone forever. Groundbreaking hairballs in junkyard killed lives maliciously. No one prepared quickly. Rare superhero tomcats used vicious whales xing Yellowstone Zoo.

Artist Imagines a World Where Humans Live Among Giant Cats | Giant cat, Cats,  Huge cat
Had to include a large cat, so everyone can know what I was envisioning while writing this.

Telling a story in alphabet may seem easy, however it was actually pretty difficult especially since I’m not used to telling stories. Once I figured out how I wanted to approach this assignment the process was simple though: think of the first words that come to mind (using the alphabet) and use them to tell a story.

I started off by brainstorming what I wanted my subject to be in the story. I first came up with “a buffet can…” and “a beer can…” but realized neither one of those things were interesting to me, nor could they last the rest of the alphabet. Now cats on the other hand… I could probably write an entire book on them. So once I came to the conclusion that I was using cats as my subject matter, I started thinking of things that can be related to cats or my cats specifically (which is how I came up with gigantic hairballs. Gross, I know). Once I started getting further down the alphabet is when I started to use The Free Dictionary. This helped me find words for the letter S, and the letter X; however, I still used the website to give me inspiration for other words like “Yellowstone.” Also full disclosure, in some instances xing is not a word; however in my story it is and it means crossing.

In terms of the story… well its quite simple. There’s a big cat, apparently in a junkyard, having giant hairballs. Then a superhero cat, comes and saves the day with mean whales that are apparently at the Yellowstone Zoo (which I’m not sure is a thing, but big cats with gigantic hairballs aren’t a thing either, so it’s fine). I envisioned giant cats were taking over the world, and their “hairballs” are actually the humans they were eating; however some of the humans weren’t prepared for the giant hairballs. I guess I also imagined that whales could be on land as well.

I really enjoyed doing this assignment, especially as my first one because it gave me somewhat of a challenging take on my creativity. I was able to see what influences my imagination, all while following a strict “rubric.” Which kind of relates to “The Joy of Painting,” because it overall brought me joy because of how ridiculous this story really is . I think when I’m interpreting “The Joy of Painting,” I’m interpreting it as “The Joy of Creativity,” whether it be painting, writing, or creating media. Creativity is a way of expressing one’s self, so in this case… writing about big cats basically taking over the world, was one way I could express myself.

Weekly Summary 1


I learned A LOT this week and it was much harder than I expected. It consisted of some very late nights, and small breakdowns for things like my font styles weren’t working, or when my computer decided to start sounding like an airplane getting ready for takeoff, then shutting down. But I got through it. After I got the hang of it, everything went much smoother and I actually started to enjoy the process. I liked embedding media to my posts. I have always seen people do it, and figured there was some magic trick to get it to look so nice. I also enjoyed the creative freedom I had when setting up my WordPress site.

Posts from the week

Embedded media from the week

Who Am I?

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So how’d I do?

I’m gonna be honest, it took me a long time to do this mainly because I’m a perfectionist. But I hope this introduction post gave at least a little bit of insight as to who am I (and my animals). Now I’m going to sleep.


Unlike most people, I don’t have any issues when it comes to setting goals. My issue is actually achieving them. My goal for the new semester was to wake up at the butt crack of dawn so I’d feel “productive.” Well, the only thing I’m achieving that early in the morning is possibly being in the Guinness Book of World Records for being “The Person Who Hit Their Snooze Button The Most.”

Yet one goal I think I will achieve through this course is learning how to actually use/produce digital media. Cheesy. I know. If we’re being honest I spent 4 hours trying to figure out how to set up my website (not my finest moment, but I finally got it up and running… I think, I’m assuming so if you’re reading this right now).

In all seriousness, another goal I have is to branch out and find my creative voice. Most of my learning has been strictly textbook. I don’t really have creative freedom, unless I’m customizing a powerpoint presentation about privacy laws in the U.S.

My last goal for this course is to not wait until the last minute to complete things. Which based off of the first week, I can see this goal needs to be achieved sooner rather than later.

The Spectacular Waterfall

“In your world, you decide.”

He was focusing on the form, shape, and darkness of the cliff along the waterfall. And when he said that, it brought to light that just because he is putting “big cliffs, rocks, and little happy things,” doesn’t mean you have to. In your world (or painting), you can have as much creative freedom (or cliffs) as you want.

“It really helps if you’re a little nervous. If you nervous it’s an asset here.”

It’s okay to be nervous. Sometimes being nervous is a good thing. Sometimes it’s worth it to take a leap of faith, and just try something that you may not be comfortable with (even if it is adding a rock in a painting).

“That’s enough for a mountain. It’s not very important in this painting. Just there, just cause it looks nice.”

After he said that, for the remainder of the video I solely focused on that mountain. If he didn’t say that, I may have focused more on the waterfall; but it showed that sometimes things are there just because of how they look and they don’t need to be bothered with.