By far my favorite assignment

When I tell you I absolutely LOVED doing this assignment, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I’ve probably watched this video a million times now, because it really is a memory that I love. I’m not too big on taking videos, so when the assignment said a 30 second clip, I was a bit hesitant in doing this (because most of my videos are from snapchat and they aren’t super long). Well then I remembered during spring break I took my dog to the beach and recorded us running around like fools (it was mainly so I could show my mom that I wasn’t just sitting around being lazy the entire week). But this video truly is a memory, and it’s a time I will never forget because my dog was SO happy, and ~cringey I know~ but I’m happy with my dog. She really is my Joy of Painting. My joy of life.

Now onto the nitty gritty part of the assignment. I made it in iMovie, so I started off by putting my clip into the software. Then I went to free to find a nice guitar sound to make it feel more relaxing (because this is a memory that makes me happy and relaxed). I then ran into some trouble because iMovie kept cutting the audio from my video, which I really wanted to keep because it adds more to the moment. After putting my clip back in and deleting it like 5 times, I managed to get it to work. I then lowered the sound of the piano, and increased the background volume, then used one of the filters iMovie had to make it feel more like a memory. I also had to zoom the video in because I took it portrait style, and when I zoomed in it made the quality TERRIBLE. But I think zooming helped fit the assignment more, and made it look more like an old memory. Though the assignment said a 30 second memory, and at first I was nervous I wouldn’t find a video long enough my memory ended up being a minute long, but honestly it doesn’t even feel a minute long because I kind of forget about time when I watch it.

Now let me stop rambling, because I just sound cheesy at this point.

This assignment was 3 stars 🙂

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  1. it’s so awesome to hear that you enjoyed making this project so much! it’s always a great feeling in this class to find an assignment that you really enjoy creating and sharing with the class!

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  5. This is my favorite video of the week. The way you and your dog move in and out of the frame, the background music, lighting, the graininess–it has the feel of an older film-style movie. You have a great memory to keep forever!

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