Christmas in March?

So for this assignment, I kind of went a bit… well a lot off script. My issue was if I would’ve followed the strict 25 movie clip part, my video probably would’ve been like an hour long. So instead, I just grabbed 3 clips from my favorite Christmas movies (but don’t fret – I did leave out Elf, and that is my all time favorite one. Can literally say it word for word. I just couldn’t find any clips for it that I liked). But since I limited the number of clips, I was able to put a lot of focus on the sound, clipping, and my title/closing parts.

So, I started off by doing the usual 4K video downloader, and finding clips on YouTube that I liked. Once I uploading them into iMovie, I then went on the hunt for music. Now this was a struggle, I had a specific sound in mind that I wanted to use. After lots and lots and I mean LOTS of digging I found the perfect one. I think this sound goes really well the two movies that I put it with. I chose to not put it with the Polar Express, because I used that as sort of the introduction (there’s more of an excitement and uncertainty if that makes sense). During the Santa Claus clip, you’ll notice that the Jingle Bell Rock music cuts out when he says “Does this look like a little bit of weight to you?” and I fully did that on purpose. The guy I care give for is OBSESSED with Disney, and that saying in the Santa Claus is one of his favorites. It’s a really special clip for me, because now whenever I watch the movie I think about him. So making this video really brought me a lot of joy.

After cutting and moving clips around, I then worked on my title/closing credits portion. I decided to be ~different~ and put my title slide after the Polar Express clip. I did this, because well 1. when I had the title slide at the beginning, it cut into the Polar Express clip abruptly and I hated that there was no flow 2. Again the excitement and uncertainty. I think using the title part a little further in the video makes it feel more like a movie (I watched a movie the other day where the title was 30 minutes in the movie… honestly THAT was weird, but I think where mine is works). I wasn’t sure exactly how to format my credits. I know our resources said to give credits to basically everything, but I wasn’t sure what everything meant. Then when it got time to upload my video to YouTube… this is when things got tricky. Naturally I got copyrighted, had no clue what that meant for my video. Ended up reaching out to the professor while I waited for a response I started Googling some stuff (0/10 recommend doing that). That then led me to making a Vimeo. Once I got a response though, I was able to actually understand what the copyright thingy meant so I was okay to post it on YouTube. Which I’m glad because Vimeo completely destroyed the quality of my video for some reason.

Also since I didn’t fully uphold the requirements for the assignment (though we are able to do our own twist for things), I decided to create my own title part on Canva. I did a quick Google search for transparent images of my favorite Christmas movies, and just slapped them on there.

Overall this assignment was super fun to do. It really ties into our class theme, because though it may be March and we have many… many… MANY months until Christmas; thinking about Christmas brings me so much joy, and that joy helps me become more creative. Though I spent a lot of this time talking about the elements, the elements all tie back into the joy I had creating this. I had a vision for this assignment, and I’m really happy with the outcome!

This assignment was 4 stars

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