Excel Tutorial for my mom

I’m begging everyone to not watch the full video. I thought I knew Excel, but this tutorial really humbled me LOL. My mom recently started a new job. She hasn’t really used Excel in… 15 years? Now she uses it everyday. She asked me for help, but I never have the time to help her. Then I realized AFTER making this video, she basically knows how to do this stuff (probably better than me because I acted like this was my first time using it, but it’s been a long day so just be a little nice). My original video was 17 minutes long, and I tried uploading it to YouTube but my computer… sounded like it was about to take off so I had to stop.

All I did was screen record for this tutorial and threw it into iMovie to trim it down a bit.

This assignment was 4 stars but it should’ve been 15 because my computer ~hated it~

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