Dumpling being Dumpling

I would like to preface this video is from a year ago. Dumpling is alive and well, and continues to climb the top of her cage (that has a proper top on it now because of an incident LOL).

I was honestly going to choose option one for this week, because I’ve been really enjoying these long form stories but I also really enjoy the assignment bank. Since we haven’t used the assignment bank much, I kind of missed it so I decided to just go with that option.

For this assignment, it was pretty simple: make a TikTok of your animal doing something funny. As soon as I saw this one I knew I had the perfect video for this, and I also spend way too much time on TikTok so I was like what a perfect excuse to get on it some more ya know.

The method for this was pretty straightforward. I found the video I wanted to use, and then uploaded it to TikTok. I then looked through the different sounds to figure out which one I wanted. I initially was going to do Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty, but the video wasn’t long enough and it just didn’t sound as funny as I hoped. Then I stumbled across this Wii sound, and then I started to think “this is probably what goes on in my hamsters head when she’s doing this,” no thoughts. So I then placed the sound on the TikTok and moved it around a bit so her falling would match up to the sound, and that’s it!

This assignment was 3 stars 🙂

Week 9 Summary

Radio Listen
Project Idea
Daily Creates (Story)
Assignment Reworks

I’m still in the process of commenting on people’s posts, but so far I’m loving everyones feedback on the different radio shows!!!

This week was a nice break. I really enjoyed listening to what everyone did for their radio shows, and reading all of the feedback.

I also liked revisiting old work, because now that I have a bit more experience under my belt and I was able to relax a bit more (because at the beginning of the semester let me tell you I WAS STRESSED because of the amount of work) so I was really able to connect the reworks to myself instead of just doing something random and easy.

I will say the daily create story thing was actually the hardest part this week. Mainly because it was a multiple day story, and the uncertainty of what the next day would be, killed me.

If I were in the movie Sing 2

Okay I know what you’re thinking… this is weird. BUT if you have seen the movie Sing 2 you’d understand why I would want to go to this concert. When I initially did this assignment I said I’m not really a concert person, and I have no urge to go to a concert. When I saw this movie let me just say my mind completely changed. Scarlett Johansson and Bono (as animals) in this scene *chefs kiss*.

So I really only redid this assignment because I was actually able to think of a concert I’d like to go to LOL. I also wanted to edit myself a bit smaller so it seemed like… more realistic? I don’t know how it could be more realistic when I put myself in an animated movie but who cares. But I think that also made it more fun, because I was able to take a specific concert instead of just finding a random picture of a Harry Styles concert online (which if we’re being honest, I listen to this song more than I do Harry Styles songs… if you couldn’t tell I’m a big U2 fan).

The final product

OUR RADIO SHOW IS DONE. I must say I LOVE our radio show, I think it turned out way better than I expected. It was so much fun to make, and also to meet up with people from the class. We were all super enthusiastic about this project which made it even more fun!

Radio Show Progress

We’re almost done! I must say the team I’m working with, is on top of everything. We all have met our deadlines in enough time, so now all that’s left is to edit the radio show! We met the other day to record the radio show, and things went really well.

I created part of the script, which I must say was a ton of fun. I honestly feel like it’s the most creative I’ve been in this class, because I got to completely make up a long story.

I’m really excited to see how our radio show turns out, because we’ve all definitely put in a lot of work!!

Week 7 Summary

This week was actually a lot of fun. I was able to actually meet some of the people whose posts I’ve been commenting on for weeks now! I really enjoyed making the Radio 7 Sound Effects sound, because it was sort of a promo for the show.

Daily Creates

There weren’t too many posts to comment on this week, however I still tried to comment on most of them!