Radio Bumper

I used again to find a background sound. Then I transferred it over to Audacity, and recorded my part of the radio bumper.

I can’t always think of what to say for a radio bumper, I usually go through like 10 different scripts before I find the right one and still this doesn’t even feel right. But I will say, I do enjoy making these audio assignments, like a lot. It’s super fun to make things that I’ve only been listening to my entire life; I just never knew how people made them.

Radio 7 Sound Effects

I really liked doing this because it is kind of it’s own promo. I used sound effects from and Audacity. I wanted to find sound effects that related to our radio show. I looked up the specific sounds I wanted, and imported them into Audacity. I messed around with each sound because some were louder than others. I also messed with the envelope tool. I think all of the sounds flow nicely together, and they each add their own meaning to it.

Radio 7 Logos

I created two different logos for our radio show. I used Canva, and tried to not use their templates because I wanted something unique. I found a silhouette of Bob Ross from Google, because he is the focus of our radio show. I then messed around with a few stickers that related to the radio show and added them. I also tried to mess around with paint splatters to make it look like either paint or blood.

I think they both represent the focus of our radio show, and they also bring attention.

Radio Show Progress

Things are progressing well for our project. I’m excited to see where our radio show takes us. We decided to do a mystery show (which was an idea from my original list, so needless to say I’m extremely excited). We met on Sunday (those of us who were able to), to get a kick start on brainstorming. I wasn’t able to make it to the meeting on Monday (gotta love working 24/7… not), but based on our group message things went really well. They were able to dive deeper into our Sunday brainstorming ideas, so now our project is ready to be kickstarted. We have a solid timeline, so I’d say we’re on track as of right now, if we manage to stick to our timeline.

I have another meeting tonight, so we can begin discussing the script. Since we have such a large group, our radio show has to be much longer, which means our script is gonna be LONG. Luckily there’s three of us working on that, so it won’t be difficult to get it finished up by Sunday.

Overall, I’m excited to see what we end up producing for this radio show!!

6 Blog Posts on Week 6

This week was so much fun. It could be because we weren’t assigned as much, so I felt like I could take my time on each assignment now. I really thought hard about what I wanted to produce this week, and I think I managed to really reflect my design skills.

Design Assignments

This week was really fun in regards to the design assignments. I love designing different things through Canva, Picsart, etc. My favorite was definitely the Vogue assignment, but I also really enjoyed making the event poster.

Design Thoughts
Design Blitz

I learned a lot through the design thoughts and design blitz posts. They both made me apply what I’ve learned. I enjoyed doing these assignments equally!

Daily Creates

The Daily Creates this week weren’t my favorite. I enjoy ones where I have total creative freedom, so maybe I’d say the “Believe in Miracles” challenge was my favorite, because I was able to interpret it any way I wanted.


I commented a lot again this week, I think because I was able to spend less time making 11 different blog posts and spend more time on the 6 blog posts and looking at other peoples posts. I’m not sure if I should be including links for where I commented, but if it did that it would be a bit overwhelming for me. So, this little commentary is good for now.

Thinking about design

I think the readings really helped me complete my design blitz. I realized what was important, and what I could focus on in order to tell a story.

Graphic design needs your willing mental participation, even if it’s subconscious. Graphic design is message-sending into the brain. It is a cerebral experience, not a physical one. 

A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by Iconic Designer Chip Kidd

Theres also an emphasis that design making shouldn’t be boring. Use it as problem-solving the good, bad, and the ugly.Each article dives deeper on how to do that. Maybe it be color matching, layout, etc… There are a bunch of different things to explore to focus on the responsibility, equity, and timelessness of a design piece.

I think I thought I was good at design before this week, but after reading the articles I realized there are so many different aspects to keep in mind. I learned a lot of what I can put into my work in the future, even if its audio – it’s important to remember the timelessness of it and its purpose. I look forward to using what I learned into future design principles to help me actually form cohesive thoughts (I really want to focus on minimalism in future work, I don’t seem to focus on that enough).

Design Blitz

So for this assignment, I will disclose I did edit a few of the photos to really enhance each concept. BUT this week is focused on our designing and editing skills, so I see no issue!


I LOVE this photo that I took, because it was initially super vibrant but by enhancing its color it makes the flower stand out much more and draws your attention to it. I’m honestly surprised I managed to photograph this on my phone, because it looks super good!


I took this photo a while back, but I think this represents typography really well too. It’s giving meaning behind the photo and makes us ask questions. How long has this sign been there? The characteristics with the chosen font seem to be bold, because every letter is capitalized. There are many things to take from this photo.


I think the banner from my blog shows a ton of minimalism. When I was designing it, I was going to put some sort of background, but I didn’t want peoples mind to be taken away from my animals or the title of my blog post. I think its extremely simple, but still utilizes the space very well. (I also tried to do the cool like bundle thing on instagram, to get the entire banner in there… it didn’t work very well so lets just ignore that).

Dominance (or Continuance)

I think this photo shows so much depth. It also shows the varying degrees. It shows just how large an airplanes wing is, but also shows how big the sky is. I also added a filter on it, to help emphasize the depth of the sky.

I think this assignment was really fun to do, but I also added a little bit of a personal touch to it. I used photos that mean something to mean (for the most part), which made it enjoyable. I would have never thought to look at the different aspects of my photos before this, but after analyzing them more, I think the concepts are effective.

Below are the photos I used (again, but not on Instagram in case my embedding gets a little funky).

Just keep swimming

When thinking about this assignment, I kind of came up with a bunch of different ideas.

A Cinderella Story – “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Grey’s Anatomy – “Pick me, choose me, love me.”

The Notebook – “If I’m a bird, you’re a bird.”

I ultimately decided to do the famous Dory quote, because I think it’s something that everyone needs to remember.

I went on Google and simply looked up Dory to find the perfect picture to depict the quote. I then went on Canva to include the quote.

I think this quote goes extremely well with the course theme “The Joy of Painting,” because no matter what is happening just keep going. If your creativity isn’t sparking, just keep trying. Things will work out in the end.

Event Poster

I wasn’t sure what event I wanted to do for this assignment. I went on the venue website that I usually see most of my concerts at, at home, and found one that I would like to go to and ended up making this poster.

I used Canva to include all of the text, clipart’s, and the frame around the photo. I also went on Google and found the picture he is using for his tour. I had a lot of fun making this, because I love designing things like this. I guess this is part of my “Joy of Painting.” Since I don’t actually paint, I like expressing things through different fonts, and clipart’s in the designs I make. I chose those clip art images in case people are unaware as to who Thomas Rhett is. I think subtle hints like that really help market events, because it draws in peoples attention.

I also included it on my DS106 Instagram!

Vogue but make it… different

So I took a different approach for this assignment. I’m not a big fan of taking pictures of myself, and I didn’t want to just do landscape picture because that doesn’t say anything about me. I knew I wanted to use my dog as the subject for the photo, but the question was how do I make it unique?

My attempt to make it unique was using a paw print as the “O” in Vogue. I think it turned out really well, and makes it fun. I started by going on Instagram and following the instructions from the assignment description, but there were not good paw prints for me to use for the O (which I think also adds a cute touch because it makes it seem like this is a pet edition for Vogue). I ended up using Canva for all of the lettering and the paw print. I ended up using a background for the quote I chose, because when I used black or white, you weren’t able to see it very well. I tried using a color that blended in well with the photo, but wasn’t took overbearing.

I think this really shows my “Joy of Painting,” because I was able to change up the assignment a bit and add my own creative touch to it. The quote and the photo in themselves tell a bit of a story and show just how much my dog means to me. I take my dog everywhere with me, so she really does make up my whole life.

I really enjoyed doing this assignment, because I’m slowly starting to learn that through these assignments from the bank – I have complete creative freedom, I just need to figure out what message I want to tell and how to tell it.

(I also attempted to share this on my DS106 Instagram and it was too big, so I stuck with posting it as a story and adding it to my story archives so you’ll still be able to see it).

My ds106 Instagram is @ds106amym (I’m unable to embed Instagram stories into WP).