1, 2, 3 cats…

For this assignment, I kind of wanted to switch it up a bit. I used an older photo, but I knew I had to use one where all my cats were in the same place. I find it funny how each of my cats have a different expression on their face, so it actually makes it look like they’re different photos.

I started by searching for the photo. I knew what photo I wanted to use, so this was very difficult. I used PicsArt to create my collage, and I simply included the photo 7 times to get the right amount of boxes. After that it was all about cropping the subjects to be in their own squares to see if its the same photo.

This assignment was actually very cute, and I’m glad I chose to do one with my cats rather than taking a photo of pointless things. I feel like when I do these assignments, I really want to capture who I am as a person – what better way then focusing on my animals. Because in reality, my animals are my “Joy of Painting.”

Three stars | You can use this image for any purpose, but, p… | Flickr

This assignment was 3 stars.

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