6 Blog Posts on Week 6

This week was so much fun. It could be because we weren’t assigned as much, so I felt like I could take my time on each assignment now. I really thought hard about what I wanted to produce this week, and I think I managed to really reflect my design skills.

Design Assignments

This week was really fun in regards to the design assignments. I love designing different things through Canva, Picsart, etc. My favorite was definitely the Vogue assignment, but I also really enjoyed making the event poster.

Design Thoughts
Design Blitz

I learned a lot through the design thoughts and design blitz posts. They both made me apply what I’ve learned. I enjoyed doing these assignments equally!

Daily Creates

The Daily Creates this week weren’t my favorite. I enjoy ones where I have total creative freedom, so maybe I’d say the “Believe in Miracles” challenge was my favorite, because I was able to interpret it any way I wanted.


I commented a lot again this week, I think because I was able to spend less time making 11 different blog posts and spend more time on the 6 blog posts and looking at other peoples posts. I’m not sure if I should be including links for where I commented, but if it did that it would be a bit overwhelming for me. So, this little commentary is good for now.

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