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I really enjoyed going to night one of the DS106 radio shows. My teams radio show was playing this night, so I wanted to be sure that I attended in case anyone had any questions. I also really enjoyed listening to the other groups though!

I thought “Coroners Tale,” WAS SO COOL. They really utilized a bunch of different sound effects, and voice effects. I thought the story was really well done, and I was honestly a bit surprised that they didn’t meet up in person to record it. It honestly sounded like they did (which maybe because my group was so large I assumed everyone got together to record theirs). I will say though they utilized the sound effects – at some points they were a little too utilized. I was unable to hear a lot of the speaking because of the sound effects which made it a bit difficult to fully understand the story. I later listened again with my headphones which helped a lot (but also joining in on the discord was helpful, because they pointed it out themselves so they know in the future what things to work on, which I thought was really helpful). Overall, I really enjoyed their assignment and they definitely put a lot of work into it!!

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  1. I totally agree, I loved listening to this show. It was so creative and they really flexed their audio editing muscle with this show.

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words! We really put our hearts and souls into our production and were on the edge of our seats waiting for feedback. I’ll admit that the effect on the voices definitely did make it difficult to understand sometimes, and unfortunately when uploading to SoundCloud, some sound effects, noise amplification, and noise reduction got shifted around or straight up dropped entirely. The finished version in Audacity sounds amazing, with everything at the correct volumes and no sound effects drowning out dialogue. Regardless, I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

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