Cowbells and relaxation

Seeing this assignment made me so excited, because every night I play some sort of white noise to help me fall asleep.

I used┬áto find my 5 different relaxation sounds and Audacity to import them. I used cowbells, 2 different types of relaxation music, piano music, and waves crashing. I tried to find sounds that weren’t the usual “white noise” sounds, but honestly that’s what helps me relax so I just did it. I really did like including the cowbells sound though, because I didn’t know it could be relaxing until I listened. One thing that also helped it become more relaxing was lowering the volume on Audacity so it wasn’t super overwhelming.

I think this assignment goes really well with our course theme, because “The Joy of Painting” or “The Joy of creativity” should be a relaxing process. You should WANT to be creative, even if what you’re creating isn’t peaceful, you should feel at ease knowing its giving you some sort of joy.

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  1. Wow this was really creative! I think you took a neat approach to this assignment and using different instruments was a great idea. I would have never thought the cowbell could be relaxing!

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