Design Blitz

So for this assignment, I will disclose I did edit a few of the photos to really enhance each concept. BUT this week is focused on our designing and editing skills, so I see no issue!


I LOVE this photo that I took, because it was initially super vibrant but by enhancing its color it makes the flower stand out much more and draws your attention to it. I’m honestly surprised I managed to photograph this on my phone, because it looks super good!


I took this photo a while back, but I think this represents typography really well too. It’s giving meaning behind the photo and makes us ask questions. How long has this sign been there? The characteristics with the chosen font seem to be bold, because every letter is capitalized. There are many things to take from this photo.


I think the banner from my blog shows a ton of minimalism. When I was designing it, I was going to put some sort of background, but I didn’t want peoples mind to be taken away from my animals or the title of my blog post. I think its extremely simple, but still utilizes the space very well. (I also tried to do the cool like bundle thing on instagram, to get the entire banner in there… it didn’t work very well so lets just ignore that).

Dominance (or Continuance)

I think this photo shows so much depth. It also shows the varying degrees. It shows just how large an airplanes wing is, but also shows how big the sky is. I also added a filter on it, to help emphasize the depth of the sky.

I think this assignment was really fun to do, but I also added a little bit of a personal touch to it. I used photos that mean something to mean (for the most part), which made it enjoyable. I would have never thought to look at the different aspects of my photos before this, but after analyzing them more, I think the concepts are effective.

Below are the photos I used (again, but not on Instagram in case my embedding gets a little funky).

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