Dumpling being Dumpling

I would like to preface this video is from a year ago. Dumpling is alive and well, and continues to climb the top of her cage (that has a proper top on it now because of an incident LOL).

I was honestly going to choose option one for this week, because I’ve been really enjoying these long form stories but I also really enjoy the assignment bank. Since we haven’t used the assignment bank much, I kind of missed it so I decided to just go with that option.

For this assignment, it was pretty simple: make a TikTok of your animal doing something funny. As soon as I saw this one I knew I had the perfect video for this, and I also spend way too much time on TikTok so I was like what a perfect excuse to get on it some more ya know.

The method for this was pretty straightforward. I found the video I wanted to use, and then uploaded it to TikTok. I then looked through the different sounds to figure out which one I wanted. I initially was going to do Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty, but the video wasn’t long enough and it just didn’t sound as funny as I hoped. Then I stumbled across this Wii sound, and then I started to think “this is probably what goes on in my hamsters head when she’s doing this,” no thoughts. So I then placed the sound on the TikTok and moved it around a bit so her falling would match up to the sound, and that’s it!

This assignment was 3 stars 🙂

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  1. stop this video is so funny!!! I have to say, none of the hamsters I’ve ever had have done anything like that before (to my knowledge) but this is hilarious and I’m glad to hear that Dumpling is okay!

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