Event Poster

I wasn’t sure what event I wanted to do for this assignment. I went on the venue website that I usually see most of my concerts at, at home, and found one that I would like to go to and ended up making this poster.

I used Canva to include all of the text, clipart’s, and the frame around the photo. I also went on Google and found the picture he is using for his tour. I had a lot of fun making this, because I love designing things like this. I guess this is part of my “Joy of Painting.” Since I don’t actually paint, I like expressing things through different fonts, and clipart’s in the designs I make. I chose those clip art images in case people are unaware as to who Thomas Rhett is. I think subtle hints like that really help market events, because it draws in peoples attention.

I also included it on my DS106 Instagram!

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