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Okay so I’ve sat here for hours trying to think of a final project idea. I’ve had nothing until I really thought about things I liked and what other people around me like. I ended coming up with a really good idea (at least I think its good, in my opinion its better than the ideas I came up with before). So here it is:

A Book Show

So I think I’d start off by saying the benefits of reading (I know it sounds cliche and probably common sense, but honestly I just recently got into reading and there are so many benefits I didn’t know about until I started)

I think then I’d go into the many different genres of books (and some popular ones from each genres – I wouldn’t dive too deep into it because I think there’d be deeper dives later)

Then I’d go on and talk about my favorite books and give a quick synopsis (obviously wouldn’t give any spoilers)

THEN (stay with me it’s kind of a lot I know we’re almost done) I’d interview some of my friends/people I know that love reading and get their input and have them share what their favorite books are/a quick synopsis.

I think I could tie in a lot of the different design aspects we’ve learned about through like obviously creating bumpers would be easy, but also using sound effects when going through the synopsis of the different books to kind of show what exactly the book is like/how people felt during it (if that makes sense).

This idea could quickly change, but I think if it doesn’t work I’m definitely on the right track. Because I could easily connect this to myself and to the class theme. I think what I’ve been emphasizing a lot in my assignments is that The Joy of Painting for everyone is different. Everyone has their own muse, but I do know a lot of people find their joy through words on a page.

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  2. I like the concept and I think you are on a good track. I would encourage you to look for more depth. Synopses of books can be found anywhere. It might be more interesting, and more personal, to analyze connections among books, and between books and life. Rather than looking at favorites, you might interview people about the books that are the most meaningful to them, or have had the greatest impact, so that it could be about literature and our lives. That would be one way to make it into a story. I’m sure there are many other ways to do it.

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