Finally… the week is over

I think this week was interesting, because everyone was producing so much work. I do wish I would have taken a different approach this week. I wish I would have started with the photography reflection post/ds106 photography post, so I could use that new knowledge when I was completing my blog posts. I don’t think I did bad on my blog posts, I was just hyper focused on finishing up my 14 stars.

Visual Assignments
(Photo Blitz Assignment)
Animated GIF Assignments

I ended up completing 14.5 stars this week. My favorite post would have to be either Rosie, the hungry hungry hippo or Julie Andrews… the animal whisperer. Actually I kind of take that back, now that I’m looking at all of my posts, I really enjoyed doing all of them. I think each of them capture who I am, and what story I’m writing for myself. They also capture my own “Joy of Painting.” I really enjoy doing the GIF assignments, because its something I’m not used to doing. I was really stressed about the Photo Blitz assignment, because every time I would refresh it, I hate every single one it gave me. So many of them would involve being outside, which I would prefer not to go outside at 8:30PM and take a picture of the black sky (FYI I have no other time to do the assignments, I’m not just waiting for the clock to strike 8:30 so I can turn into a pumpkin). But in the end, I managed to finish it. It definitely isn’t my best product, but it gave me something to laugh about during this long, stressful week.

Photo Reflection/DS106 Photography
Daily Creates

I think my favorite Daily Create from the week would have to be the animal mashup card. I don’t know why, I just really enjoyed doing that one. The others were a bit simpler (which yes I like, its a nice break) but they weren’t as “creative.”


I did a lot more commenting this week which I’m proud of. I needed to up my game from the last few weeks, but this week was much easier to comment more because of how much everyone was doing. I’m still working on commenting more engaging things, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

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