Get over it, it’ll all work out

I started looking up short poems, and nothing was calling my name for this assignment. But just as I was able to give up, I remembered the one saying that I always say.

It may not be long, but honestly it has so much meaning. I typically say it in a mean way when people tell me something that is bothering them, but really this saying can mean so many different things. If you’re stressed about something at work, cry a little bit, then get over it. Eventually things will work out.

I think this saying can go really well with how this class is going. I can complain all day long about how much work this is, but in the long run I just need to figure out a way through it. I need to stop focusing on being perfect, and start being more creative.

The process of this assignment was pretty easy. I thought of the saying I wanted to do, and went over to Spotify (not an Apple Music type of person sorry…). I started adding songs to the playlist and now were here.

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This assignment was worth 3 stars.

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