I did in fact learn something this semester

Starting off this semester, I knew the bare minimum when it came to any sort of audio, video, and photo editing. You name it, I probably didn’t know how to do it. After many struggles (lots of procrastination, YouTube tutorials, and complaining), I really think I did the impossible. I managed to create things that I will cherish for the rest of my life. My final project, and my dog video are the things I’m proud of most. After the many struggles with iMovie and Audacity (because before this class, I had never used them before), it’s really nice to say that my favorite assignments came from using those softwares. So I think one of my joys is definitely seeing the transformation I made throughout this semester. As well as, being able to share these products with my friends and family because they’re things that I’m proud of.

I will say too, I had many struggles with WordPress as well. The extremely late nights trying to figure out how to update my website theme, how to even get my posts to show up on the domain, and how to even write up a blog post were definitely one’s I won’t miss.

Even though I’m here to tell a story about my semester, I think my blog post titles definitely can tell it better than I can.

Okay I think you get the point now. Basically you can see how I’ve changed throughout the semester. If you couldn’t tell by my weekly summary blog post titles, and my vague titles I was miserable at the beginning of the semester. I somehow managed to find my creative side (which I didn’t know I had), and come out of the semester knowing full well what my “Joy of Painting” is.

My “Joy of Painting” is procrastinating.

My “Joy of Painting” is complaining.

My “Joy of Painting” is creating graphics.

My “Joy of Painting” is my animals.

My “Joy of Painting” is sitting on my bed for hours trying to think of the best product ever.

Basically, my “Joy of Painting” is everything (mostly my animals). But it’s whatever is making my happy in that moment, whether it be making Julie Andrews into an animal whisperer, or writing a story about a cat having giant hairballs. Whatever it is, I know throughout this semester I have been able to learn and grow as a person and find what exactly my joy is.

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