I take pictures of my animals, am I a photographer yet?

I used to take a lot of photos.

In high school, I took a photography course which really interested me (but when I came to UMW and heard how high the class materials were for photography, I knew that was the end of that). But, even on my phone I used to take a lot of photos. Over the years, my photos shifted from pictures of landscapes and animals, to just my animals. So, I wouldn’t say I have a particular approach when it comes to taking the photos. I kind of just take them in the moment, I don’t focus on the angle or lighting, just click the button and I’m done. With that I also wouldn’t say I take pictures that evoke any sort of feelings, unless a picture of my dog on the beach evokes a feeling.

Heres a photo back in 2015 (I never said I took good photos okay…) Honestly looking at it now… its horrible, but in the moment I thought it was the most beautiful picture ever.

And these are the type of pictures I take now… yeah, enough said.

I think some tactics I could use to improve my photography would definitely take my time when it comes to taking photos. Focus on the lighting, where the subject is, etc…

Because without focusing on those things, I don’t really think my photos would tell a story. I think photos tell a story through emotions that are shared through them. For instance, the photo I took in 2015 could show a message about reflection, but the one I recently took isn’t telling a story at all.

I also thinking editing helps a lot with emotions to help captivate a story. By turning down the exposure (or putting a filter on it) in photos, it could give a sense of darkness like fear, or even sadness. I think by utilizing the resources I have, I could tell a million stories with my photos, I just don’t take the time to do so.

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