If I were in the movie Sing 2

Okay I know what you’re thinking… this is weird. BUT if you have seen the movie Sing 2 you’d understand why I would want to go to this concert. When I initially did this assignment I said I’m not really a concert person, and I have no urge to go to a concert. When I saw this movie let me just say my mind completely changed. Scarlett Johansson and Bono (as animals) in this scene *chefs kiss*.

So I really only redid this assignment because I was actually able to think of a concert I’d like to go to LOL. I also wanted to edit myself a bit smaller so it seemed like… more realistic? I don’t know how it could be more realistic when I put myself in an animated movie but who cares. But I think that also made it more fun, because I was able to take a specific concert instead of just finding a random picture of a Harry Styles concert online (which if we’re being honest, I listen to this song more than I do Harry Styles songs… if you couldn’t tell I’m a big U2 fan).