Julie Andrews… the animal whisperer

I honestly just Googled “Movie Posters” to start this assignment. When I saw The Sound of Music, I knew it was perfect. It’s such a classic movie, and the movie poster could be made funny in so many different ways.

Immediately when I saw her arms reaching out I either wanted to make her extremely muscular, or have something reach up to her. I soon realized it was extremely difficult to photoshop muscular arms on her, so I simply added animals. I started out by finding a high quality movie poster for the movie. I then looked for animals to use in the photo. I used PicsArt to cut out each of the animals. Then I simply overlayed them onto the photo.

I could’ve done something fun with the name of the movie. But I kinda think it’s funny having a bunch of animals on a movie poster that mentions music. It gives the illusion that the animals will be singing in the movie.

Three And A Half Star Rating Illustration Vector Stock Illustration -  Download Image Now - iStock
This assignment was 3 and a half stars

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