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I brainstormed quite a few ideas in my head for what my radio show could be. My favorite would be simply talking about my life and my experiences (podcast style), answering questions about myself, etc…

My other idea would be to have a radio show where I talk about a bunch of different tv shows or movies I’ve watched and critique them.

I think both of the above ideas could easily go along with our course theme, because they are things that give me joy in life, and have shaped me into the ~creative~ person I am today (not really that creative, I’m saying it for the sake of this assignment).

And last but certainly not least, a cool idea would be to talk about different mysteries (so like a true crime podcast). I’m a big crime/mystery fan, so it would be cool to not only learn about a bunch of different mysteries, but also to tell people about them. Actually let’s be honest, this is probably my favorite idea because it would give me an excuse to watch crime documentaries. I guess in a way, it doesn’t go along with “The Joy of Painting,” but maybe in the actual radio show it would be cool to pull quotes directly from Bob Ross, and say it as if the criminal said it. (Idk? trying really hard to connect this to the theme of the course because I really like this idea.)

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  2. Now I’m imagining Bob as a detective or crime scene technician. But really, there are a lot of ways to think about what The Joy of Painting is about – like, what does it mean to be creative? What is the joy in creativity? Or you could see the show as a marketing program. Take the right perspective and you can connect it to any show idea. I do like the idea of using Bob quotes and putting them in a different context. That concept has a lot of possibilities.

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