Looking at other peoples project ideas

I really liked the idea of advocating for sharks. It seemed like she already had a pretty thought out plan for how she wanted to approach this, but I think it could be interesting to tie in different sea creatures. This would help expand a lot of the media produced, so it wouldn’t just be sharks. I did watch the trailer her and her partner came up with, and I thought it was a great idea to promote the project more! I think this project would do really well for video rather than just strictly audio. You could create that narrative you want, but also showing it visually and telling more of a story.

The other idea I really liked was the life after college brainstorm. Though she had a pretty solid plan to interview teachers (from what I recall?) during the first brainstorm. But I think I like this idea more, only for the fact that its more broad and more people could relate to listening. I think she could easily tie in interviewing teachers, and just ask them the same questions. But I like the idea of opening it up to more professions. It would also be really cool to ask people who are really far into their careers, what’s something they regret in their life post college. Also I know a ton of people have seen those TikTok’s where people go up to random strangers and ask them a random questions. It would be really cool if you were to include this, it could be apart of a trailer for the project. Though they don’t have to be people you interview for the project, it could just be like “a lot of people have opinions about life after college…. blah blah blah.” Overall, I think you could take this project a million different ways, but I really like where it’s heading!

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