Moon Graffiti

When listening to Moon Graffiti, I got a lot from their voices. Around 7 mins in, my heart about dropped because of their shift in tone. Though they were fearful from the beginning, they immediately went to being absolutely terrified and ready to say goodbye to their wives and kids. The background music during that moment, was suspenseful and fearful. As if they’ve lost all hope. They nonchalantly say they only have 2 hours left to live, which indicates they aren’t maybe as scared as I expected. They ended up having shakier voices and they are more breathless, which increases the fear. When he begins panicking, music is being played which makes me think that’s the end. I think these clues help me remember, they are literally in space suits and they can’t breath regularly. They could die at any moment. This completely shifted my mood when listening. Throughout listening, I felt fear but when the announcement began I immediately felt sadness because of the announcers voice.

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