My very “rough draft” of an outline

I honestly couldn’t think of a long-form story at all. Whenever I thought of something, my mind immediately went to animals. So how do I write a story about animals? I bounced around ideas I could use, so I figured I’d outline them, that way in the future if one doesn’t work at least I’ll have a backup.

Idea 1: Adopt don’t shop

I think it would be super interesting to write a story about animals and the process of adoption. Maybe process of adoption wasn’t the right phrase. The effects of adoption.


1. Talk about my experience of adopting my cats. I think one way to grab a reader in is by making it personal, so by including my own experiences I think it would be interesting.

2. Talk about the reasons people give up their animals.

3. The effects it has on the animals (something along those lines).

4. The outcomes of adopting (the positives).

Idea 2: How animals are effected by the environment

1. How animals used to live.

2. The changes that have occurred in the environment

3. How animals have been effected by these changes

4. What actions can be taken?

Idea 3: Not sure, but I really don’t like the other ideas I have so I think I need to come up with another one.

I had a hard time coming up with an idea, because I honestly wasn’t sure what topic I could use that could be turned into a long-form story. I also wasn’t sure if it had to be nonfiction, or fiction. I really don’t know what kind of story I could write based on something that matters me. I have a hard time thinking of things that matter to me (not to sound like depressing, I just don’t have very many interests). I think throughout the semester as we work more on this and I learn more, I might be able to come up with better ideas.

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