Understanding photography

I wouldn’t say when I take pictures that I focus on a story. I usually take pictures in order to remember a moment (which may be considered a story, I just don’t think so). Anyone can look at a photo I took of some trees, but they would never understand the reason I took the photo.

After reading Becoming a Better Photographer, I really understood the different aspects when it comes to taking a photo. It also provided me a bit of ease knowing I’m not the only person who take quick photos on my phone, and who never worries about subject matters, etc…

By focusing on the different aspects of a photo, I think that will help create stories. I don’t necessarily want to connect images to my story, because my story is still very up in the air. But rather, I just want to see what photos I’ve taken in the past, that I didn’t even notice had some of aspects of “becoming a better photographer.”

I went on a walk earlier during work, and was attempting to start the Photo Blitz assignment (I realized I shouldn’t do it while I was working so I stopped). But I captured this photo, I think it shows really good depth. By placing my camera on the ground, you’re able to see more of the winding path. It gives it more of a wider angle, and attracts your eye down the path to see where it’s going. This helps with changing the perspective of the photo.

This photo also goes well with the aspect of adding depth to a photo. It’s the same concept as before, I just took this photo standing straight up and didn’t give it a different perspective.

This photo shows the aspect of contrast. Though it wasn’t planned out, analyzing it now helps me see this.

Obviously I need to improve my photography skills. I also need to stop taking pictures of trees, and roads, and animals. But honestly, if that’s my “Joy of Painting” I guess I really shouldn’t stop. I should just start by analyzing what I’m going to photograph to make sure that there’s certain aspects to make the photo better. I think there’s lot of potential with the photos I take (maybe a better camera would help), but I shouldn’t shoot down my photographing skills just yet. There’s still plenty of time in the semester to help me take better photos of my animals.

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