Prada & Pride Book Talk

FINALLY. My final project is finished.

This final took me a while to do because I had no clue how I wanted to set it up. I wanted it to be more like a podcast style, but it seemed really boring/confusing if I just did sound rather than some sort of video. So I ended up interviewing 2 people for the project, and creating a short little video as if it still is a podcast but it still has a bit of a visual aspect to it. I started off by converting my interviews audio clips to WAV because audacity wouldn’t take M4A. I then cut down a lot of the clips which was super time consuming. Then moved the audio over to iMovie and began making the video. I added background music from, so it wasn’t extremely boring. I also created a little graphic for the episode which I think turned out really well.

Overall, I think doing this assignment I definitely utilized a lot of the different aspects that we’ve learned throughout the semester. I used photo, video, and audio editing. As well as I think I utilized mashups (hint the Prada & Pride), I also utilized the “sound effects” aka the piano background music. I think doing this assignment, I really was able to show my “Joy of Painting” (and others joy of painting), as well as the many different things I learned this semester. (I also learned my computer hates iMovie and when I try to download my videos from it, it sounds like its an airplane ready for takeoff).

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