Sweet Creature

I’m not sure why I chose this assignment. I’m not a big concert fan, but I will say after seeing so many TikToks of people at a Harry Styles concert… I want to go. However, you will NEVER catch me paying that much money to see him unless I won the lottery or something. So, this is as close as I’ll ever get. (I also put myself at the very front, because if I were to see him that’s where I’d be, I’m not paying hundreds of dollars for nosebleeds).

This assignment was honestly extremely easy. I took a photo, cut out the background from it. Searched up “Harry Styles concert,” then stuck myself on the photo. And yet again… I used my trusty PicsArt app to do all of this. (It honestly has so many features for being free, so I have to take advantage).

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This assignment was 2 stars

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  1. i LOVE this! I went to see Harry in the nosebleeds back in October and it was the best night ever. I actually took a selfie with Harry from my seat as well and I joked to everyone that I “met” Harry that night :0

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