The evil birds

I listened to the DS106 Radio twice. I listened on Monday, but I didn’t participate in the discord enough to think I could write a blog post about it. I then listened to Wednesday’s, which I’m really glad I did (I personally thought it was a bit more interesting, maybe because I was paying attention more?) There was lots of dialogue in the Discord which made it even more fun to listen. Everyone have different perceptions as to what was happening based on the different sound effects. Someone also brought up the musical side of it, which really put it into perspective for me. There are so many things used in this world to make certain sounds, and if you’re like me, you’re completely unaware. Someone also pointed out how you listen more when you’re not actually watching something; which I 100% agree with. My mind was able to imagine what was going on based on the audio, and descriptions provided. I honestly am glad I listened to that before beginning the assignments, because I was able to see what other people hear vs. what I hear, and dig deeper.

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