The Happiest Place on Earth…

For this assignment, I really wanted to make this seem a bit sad (as this is probably the last big family vacation for a while). I didn’t want to be extremely sad, so I still chose a somewhat nice beat. I didn’t take many videos from the trip back in June of 2021, which kind of stinks because I wish I could’ve included more in this as I think it would’ve tied things in more.

But I think this video has a lot of meaning to me. I took some old pictures from another Disney trip my family took, and I edited them to look older as if they are more like memories. Then I wanted to jump to our most recent trip, but I needed to do that someway for everyone to understand. So I included a sappy little part saying fast forward blah blah blah. I tried to maneuver my audio so the sound sort of dropped once it got to our recent trip, but I couldn’t do it at all.

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