The Spectacular Waterfall

“In your world, you decide.”

He was focusing on the form, shape, and darkness of the cliff along the waterfall. And when he said that, it brought to light that just because he is putting “big cliffs, rocks, and little happy things,” doesn’t mean you have to. In your world (or painting), you can have as much creative freedom (or cliffs) as you want.

“It really helps if you’re a little nervous. If you nervous it’s an asset here.”

It’s okay to be nervous. Sometimes being nervous is a good thing. Sometimes it’s worth it to take a leap of faith, and just try something that you may not be comfortable with (even if it is adding a rock in a painting).

“That’s enough for a mountain. It’s not very important in this painting. Just there, just cause it looks nice.”

After he said that, for the remainder of the video I solely focused on that mountain. If he didn’t say that, I may have focused more on the waterfall; but it showed that sometimes things are there just because of how they look and they don’t need to be bothered with.

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  2. Ross says the same things in so many of his shows. It’s great that you picked up some unique quotes here and found these insights.

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