Thinking about design

I think the readings really helped me complete my design blitz. I realized what was important, and what I could focus on in order to tell a story.

Graphic design needs your willing mental participation, even if it’s subconscious. Graphic design is message-sending into the brain. It is a cerebral experience, not a physical one. 

A Kid’s Guide to Graphic Design by Iconic Designer Chip Kidd

Theres also an emphasis that design making shouldn’t be boring. Use it as problem-solving the good, bad, and the ugly.Each article dives deeper on how to do that. Maybe it be color matching, layout, etc… There are a bunch of different things to explore to focus on the responsibility, equity, and timelessness of a design piece.

I think I thought I was good at design before this week, but after reading the articles I realized there are so many different aspects to keep in mind. I learned a lot of what I can put into my work in the future, even if its audio – it’s important to remember the timelessness of it and its purpose. I look forward to using what I learned into future design principles to help me actually form cohesive thoughts (I really want to focus on minimalism in future work, I don’t seem to focus on that enough).

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