Video Essay

I think I made this assignment a lot harder than it needed to be. Honestly after watching this clip like 10 times, I could really see the different aspects they used.

They really utilized the camera in this scene. They angle the camera higher up to show authority. They pan the camera around the room to show dramatics. They also cut the camera back in forth during conversation to show a more “heated conversation.”

Based on where Meredith is in relation to her lawyer, you can tell it has an effect based on the reading.

Overall, I think without the dramatic music and camera angles this scene wouldn’t be as dramatic. Though the actors play a huge role in dramatics, without the camera it wouldn’t be the same which is the whole point of this assignment. It was important to realize the actors aren’t the main focus, but more so the things “behind the scenes.”

I also used the 4K video editor to take the clip from YouTube (which was really cool to do). And used iMovie to import the clip in, and do a VoiceOver!

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