Vogue but make it… different

So I took a different approach for this assignment. I’m not a big fan of taking pictures of myself, and I didn’t want to just do landscape picture because that doesn’t say anything about me. I knew I wanted to use my dog as the subject for the photo, but the question was how do I make it unique?

My attempt to make it unique was using a paw print as the “O” in Vogue. I think it turned out really well, and makes it fun. I started by going on Instagram and following the instructions from the assignment description, but there were not good paw prints for me to use for the O (which I think also adds a cute touch because it makes it seem like this is a pet edition for Vogue). I ended up using Canva for all of the lettering and the paw print. I ended up using a background for the quote I chose, because when I used black or white, you weren’t able to see it very well. I tried using a color that blended in well with the photo, but wasn’t took overbearing.

I think this really shows my “Joy of Painting,” because I was able to change up the assignment a bit and add my own creative touch to it. The quote and the photo in themselves tell a bit of a story and show just how much my dog means to me. I take my dog everywhere with me, so she really does make up my whole life.

I really enjoyed doing this assignment, because I’m slowly starting to learn that through these assignments from the bank – I have complete creative freedom, I just need to figure out what message I want to tell and how to tell it.

(I also attempted to share this on my DS106 Instagram and it was too big, so I stuck with posting it as a story and adding it to my story archives so you’ll still be able to see it).

My ds106 Instagram is @ds106amym (I’m unable to embed Instagram stories into WP).

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  1. I would read a vouge magazine with this cover for sure! The paw print is a very nice creative touch. I am planning to do this assignment myself later and this is such a helpful example.

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