What are my Marlboros?

While going through everyone’s posts, I was immediately drawn to the post Dum-Dums are my Marlboros. After further reading I had this one thought: we are the exact same person when it comes to artistry.

On Painting and Smoking. Ode to my old studio muse. | by Linda Laino | The  Startup | Medium

1. I too have the mental image of an artist always having a cigarette in the frame.

It could be from all of the movies I’ve seen, but I also realized when you Google “Artists smoking,” it’s mainly a bunch of old photos. Then when I Google “Artists,” it’s a bunch of more recent photos where artists don’t have cigarettes. So maybe Dum-Dums ARE the new Marlboros.

2. I too am the kind of artist that gets bored easily.

Now I wouldn’t consider myself an artist, I never really do anything creative. But I do in fact get bored VERY easily when I do have the random chance of being creative. Something that has helped me though is comparing my work to similar work (that I may have done or someone else has done). Doing this peaks some sort of inspiration in me, and I no longer am bored with what I’m creating. Going off of that…

3. I too worry about failure… way too much.

Again comparing my work to similar work helps me A LOT with this. The difference though I’m not impulsive at all when there’s danger… I simply… RUN. Another way I overcome failure is by asking for feedback before I fully publish my creativity for the world to see. It may sound scary, but find someone who you trust, someone who knows your creative side and can see if what you made it to its full potential.

4. I too want to be an artist that is creative.

I think I chose to make a blog post about this blog post because it honestly sparked my creativity. And as someone who can completely related to everything that was written, I also wanted to share the different things that help me be as creative as I can be. So here’s my last piece of advice, keep looking at other blog posts because you never know – you might be like me right now wondering what my Marlboros are.

I must say too… whatever practice you have done on titles thus far, you’re doing great because the title of this blog post had me hooked!

2 Comments on “What are my Marlboros?

  1. I love how raw and honest you were! This was a really deep post and it made me think a little bit about myself, too! You’re also absolutely right – I never know, I might also be wondering what my Marlboros are. 🙂

  2. It is great the way you found inspiration in another post from the class, and built your own story out of it. That’s exactly what we hope to see in ds106.

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