Who Am I? Part 2

I know I’ve done a similar video at the beginning of the semester, but this time I showed more of myself. I chose this song because it always makes me think of summer, which is usually when I’m the happiest. I chose videos that basically represent me as a person. So overall, putting this together was relatively easy. I think I’d definitely choose a different audio if I were to do this again, only because I don’t love the off brand version of this song LOL.

I think making this video, made me realize I need to document more things in my life that make me, me.

2 Comments on “Who Am I? Part 2

  1. I love reflection video’s like this. I was trying to make one earlier in the semester for this class and realized I didn’t have a lot of videos that I was actually featured in. Did you run into this issue as well?

    • I did! But I actually asked my friends what videos they have of me that represent me. Surprisingly enough I got a few friends to send me some, which I think made this much better because it wasn’t just me saying who I was, but my friends too!

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