Is the semester over yet?

This week took a lot out of me. It wasn’t necessarily the workload, it was finding my creative side. Last week I wrote in my Goals blog post, that I wanted to not wait until the last minute to do assignments – I must say, I didn’t wait until the last minute to do assignments which I think is why I still have some of my sanity. I was able to think more about what I wanted to create this week, and find “The Joy of Painting” in my own work. I think I opened up my creative side a lot more this past week, and I could also see others in the class doing that as well. I much prefer this week over last week (because last week was more of setting everything up and getting used to a whole new platform), but I’m still learning so much about media and myself. So far, I’m having a blast.

As for updating my website, I haven’t really done much of that because I did a bulk of it last week. There are still a few little things I want to fix to make it my style, but for now I think it suits me well. I did include a menu which took me a while to figure out, but other than that I love the way my blog looks! I’m not 100% positive if “Amy’s Online Thoughts” is creative enough, but at this point… it really is all about my thoughts so I see it to be very fitting.

Blog posts from the week

I completed 4 blog posts this week – 3 of which were from the assignment bank, and the other was a response to someone else’s blog post. When engaging with other peoples blog posts, I tried to think hard and not just put “this was really good!” So, when I was reading Dum-Dums are my Marlboros, I started getting so many thoughts about the post that I realized I could take this as an opportunity to write a response on my own blog.

Daily Creates

This daily create stumped me. I wasn’t sure what to do, that wasn’t similar to everyone else’s. I ended up realizing my brain was strictly thinking of building blocks, so I figured out a way to incorporate them.

I had the most fun with this daily create. I used Canva to create my book cover, and I found clip art images that are usually associated with adulting.

I also had a lot of fun with this daily create. I again wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but after just recently placing a large online order, I realized… this is exactly what I looked like when I did it.

I went through MagicRealismBot’s tweets for so long until I finally decided on this one. I wanted to find the perfect story that provided a visual image that I could recreate.

I thought this one was funny. Someone had already done my initial idea, so I had to think of something else that I recently

For all of my DailyCreates, I used PicsArt (except for the big book needs a title one – I used Canva). I used different drawing functions, text functions, and call out functions within the app to complete them.

Connecting with the class

I tried to comment on others blog posts at least once a day. I wasn’t sure where I could view the comments I’ve made on others posts (I don’t think anyone has accepted them yet).

I also tried to be more active on Twitter this week, by liking other peoples DailyCreates tweets.

I would like to be more active by commenting on more blog posts in the future, because I think (at least for me) when others comment it helps me get more confident so I’ll produce more/better work.

2 Comments on “Is the semester over yet?

  1. I totally feel you on the fact that this week has been DRAINING. Thankfully, the work in this class has felt a lot less like work and more like…creative exercises. It’s worked really well for me to be able to keep motivated and get through it all to think of it more as expanding my creative bounds and learning how to be more creative than thinking of it as grueling busy work. Great work, I think you did phenomenal in the creativity department this week!

  2. Girlllllll, your title. I have never related to something more… Is? The? Semester? Over? Yet? I enjoyed reading your weekly summary. In terms of enjoying this week more because last week was more setting up our pages, I totally feel you. I actually remember seeing your “End of the Reel” daily create on Twitter and finding it relatable. I am glad you were able to ‘find “The Joy of Painting” in your work.’ Keep on rocking!!

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