Taking my headphones out, I’m done for the week

This week was probably my favorite. Though it was a bit difficult getting to know Audacity, I learned fairly quickly. I’d probably have to say this week I learned the most (though week 1 I did learn a lot), but I think I learned outside of the course requirements. I learned how to focus on audio in movies, TV shows, music, and so many other things. Sounds tell so many stories in themselves, and people use them for a reason. Here are the assignments I completed this week:

Radio Show Ideas:
Radio Bumper:
DS106 Radio:

Audio Reflection:

Audio Assignments:
My sound effects story

My favorite assignment this week would probably be my cowbells and relaxation assignment. I just really enjoyed making it, and it was a bit of forced relaxation for my hectic week.

My daily creates:

My favorite daily create would probably have to be the trade card. I have never done anything like that before so it was something fun and new!


I think this week I engaged a lot more in comments. Mainly because I was having so much fun listening to what everyone was making. It was really cool to see how everyone interpreted each assignment.

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