Weekly Summary 3

I feel as if I didn’t write much this week because this week flew by. I will say I procrastinated a lot. I did create brainstorms for everything I wanted to do for the week, I just never got around to it until the last minute (that’s what happens when you take 4 classes, do 2 internships, and work a job – I’m pretty short on time). However I will say I enjoyed everything I wrote (well almost everything).

Writing Assignments

Assignment 1: I wrote a letter to my mom, which may not seem difficult but it was harder than I expected. I ended up sharing it with my mom, and she loved it. If you read the letter, you might notice my mom and I aren’t the lovey dovey type of people, so writing her a letter was definitely out of the norm.

This assignment was 4 stars.

Assignment 2: I then wrote a movie review for the live action version of Aladdin. I kind of just chose a movie that I seem to watch often (its great background noise when doing homework). I had a lot of fun searching for different GIF’s that would help portray the movie.

This assignment was 3 1/2 stars.

Assignment 3: I then wrote as if I was my unused milk frother. This one was definitely my favorite. I had so much fun coming up with extremely vague sentences to describe how my milk frother is feeling (or could be feeling, it’s an object it doesn’t have feelings). I tried getting super creative with this, by making it seem like it knew absolutely nothing in the world.

This assignment was 4 1/2 stars.

Story Analysis

I had a lot of fun doing this assignment. I never usually watch movies, or read books with an analytical eye. But after rewatching Safe Haven for the millionth time, I was able to think deeper into what the main focus was. I think I chose a great story that connected well with what I read in the reading, and the video.

Long-form story outline

This one was extremely difficult for me. When writing stories, if they’re not extremely fiction where anything can happen, I usually like to have some sort of prompt or idea to help generate something. I’ll most definitely be changing my idea in future.

Daily Creates

I enjoyed just doing 3 daily creates this week, because I kind of had more freedom as to which one’s I wanted to do. I think my favorite one was definitely the national park sign one.

Commenting & Interacting

I’m not sure how many peoples posts I’ve commented on (some are still being moderated). But I commented on around 1-2 posts a day. I think I’m struggling a bit with commenting only because I feel as if I’m simply repeating myself.

I think in the future, I will take more time when it comes to interacting so I can comment more unique ideas and better feedback.

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