Groundbreaking Hairballs… killed everyone?

Written Assignment #1

A big cat damned everyone forever. Groundbreaking hairballs in junkyard killed lives maliciously. No one prepared quickly. Rare superhero tomcats used vicious whales xing Yellowstone Zoo.

Artist Imagines a World Where Humans Live Among Giant Cats | Giant cat, Cats,  Huge cat
Had to include a large cat, so everyone can know what I was envisioning while writing this.

Telling a story in alphabet may seem easy, however it was actually pretty difficult especially since I’m not used to telling stories. Once I figured out how I wanted to approach this assignment the process was simple though: think of the first words that come to mind (using the alphabet) and use them to tell a story.

I started off by brainstorming what I wanted my subject to be in the story. I first came up with “a buffet can…” and “a beer can…” but realized neither one of those things were interesting to me, nor could they last the rest of the alphabet. Now cats on the other hand… I could probably write an entire book on them. So once I came to the conclusion that I was using cats as my subject matter, I started thinking of things that can be related to cats or my cats specifically (which is how I came up with gigantic hairballs. Gross, I know). Once I started getting further down the alphabet is when I started to use The Free Dictionary. This helped me find words for the letter S, and the letter X; however, I still used the website to give me inspiration for other words like “Yellowstone.” Also full disclosure, in some instances xing is not a word; however in my story it is and it means crossing.

In terms of the story… well its quite simple. There’s a big cat, apparently in a junkyard, having giant hairballs. Then a superhero cat, comes and saves the day with mean whales that are apparently at the Yellowstone Zoo (which I’m not sure is a thing, but big cats with gigantic hairballs aren’t a thing either, so it’s fine). I envisioned giant cats were taking over the world, and their “hairballs” are actually the humans they were eating; however some of the humans weren’t prepared for the giant hairballs. I guess I also imagined that whales could be on land as well.

I really enjoyed doing this assignment, especially as my first one because it gave me somewhat of a challenging take on my creativity. I was able to see what influences my imagination, all while following a strict “rubric.” Which kind of relates to “The Joy of Painting,” because it overall brought me joy because of how ridiculous this story really is . I think when I’m interpreting “The Joy of Painting,” I’m interpreting it as “The Joy of Creativity,” whether it be painting, writing, or creating media. Creativity is a way of expressing one’s self, so in this case… writing about big cats basically taking over the world, was one way I could express myself.

4 Comments on “Groundbreaking Hairballs… killed everyone?

  1. This is so cool! I didn’t even realize you were bound to the rules of the alphabet until you explained it. I love the photo of the giant cat, had me invested right away. I also really liked your take on the theme of ‘The Joy of Painting’. Needless to say, your post brought me much joy!

  2. The title really caught my attention. Your story was really interesting. Also, I agree telling a story in the alphabet can be pretty hard. Though it might be something fun to try again at some point.

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