I’m never good enough…

There you go again. Out the front door. Not even a short glance to look at me. It’s 20 degrees outside today, but you would rather brave the cold instead of use me.

Am I not as good as the other guy?

Is it because I don’t cost as much?

Is it because you like spending money so much?

I may not be the best in the market, but I can still do my job. You have everything you need to use me, but you’d rather waste your gas, and money for something else. I promise if you give me more time, I will make what you want just as good. I may not be the fastest at my job, or the most thorough, but I promise – I’ll do better. I sit all alone in this cold, dark kitchen. Next to everyone else that gets used on a daily basis. If you didn’t want me, why’d you get me? Why’d you put me next to him, the guy you use so often, the guy you refer to as “the microwave?” The things you put in him won’t expire as fast as the things you use for me. You give me hope when you open up that cold box next to me, but it’s always food that you take out of there, or some orange liquid called “Simply Orange.” You push me out of the way when you need more space on this cold surface. I sit next to those things in the grinders that you call “salt” and “pepper,” my name is better than that.

Suddenly you’re back… with the competitions product. Again, you don’t glance back to look at me, you just head straight past the door. You come back about an hour later, but instead of using me, you throw out the remnants of the competition. It’s half filled with frozen water cubes, how can that be good? The leftovers are still on the rim of the cup, so maybe you didn’t like it. Maybe there is hope for me after all. I guess we’ll try tomorrow, hopefully the milk isn’t expired by then.

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For this assignment, I had to write a monologue of a household tool. I’m not sure if you were able to guess it by the end, because it said to be vague. I ended up choosing to do my milk frother. I didn’t want to choose a generic household tool, because I felt like it would’ve been too easy. I also didn’t want to mention anything about coffee, because that would’ve been too easy.

Long story short, I never use my milk frother (or even make coffee at home), and I always end up going to Starbucks to get coffee. I always buy milk in hopes that I’ll have the energy to actually frother milk, and make my own coffee at home. That never happens. I tried to describe my milk frother as something that was completely clueless in the world, but he’s clueless because he never gets used. He simply a jealous, cheap milk frother that has the potential to make what Starbucks makes, I’m just too lazy to try (but not too lazy to drive to get coffee… I know, I make no sense).

I think though that the way I approached this assignment connects well with “The Joy of Painting,” because the joy of this assignment was you had no idea what I was talking about. Yet, I know for me, I would have kept reading to finally figure out what in the world I was talking about. The joy with creativity, is you can make it about anything or make it about nothing. The joy is within the interest, and the process. I found joy while writing in my milk frothers perspective, but I found just as much joy when I read it.

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  1. I loved this!!! I honesty could not guess what it was until I saw the photo. This is so relatable because I have a milk frother that sits right next to my microwave too and I barely ever use that thing.

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