Thank you, and I love you

Dear Mom,

You’ve taught me everything. I don’t really think I’ve appreciated you enough. As I’m getting older, I’m realizing everything you’ve done for me, and I don’t think I could ever repay you. You’ve taught me how to be independent, and you’ve also taught me how to become a crazy animal lover. I feel like I’ve also taught you how to become an animal lover too. For years I would bug you for a dog even though you hated the idea of a dog, and of course the year before I leave for college I make the promise to you “if you get me a dog, I’ll stay home for college to take care of it.” Well… fast forward five years, we have a dog and I’m 2 hours away from home. But I think Rosie has brought us closer as a family, she’s been there for you when I couldn’t be because of class or work or traffic. I’m glad you have her (I’m also glad I at least had a year with Rosie so I could train her because all you’ve done since I’ve left is gotten her fat – we’ll talk about that later). But you still amaze me, you have taught me that there’s more in life than work, work, work. You come home from work, make dinner for us, and still plan things for us to do. You’ve taken me on so many adventures, and though I may seem miserable at the time – they end up being some of the best memories.

I also want to take the time right now to say I’m sorry for being a pain in the butt as a kid. Yeah, this will be the only time I apologize for this so soak it up. Erin and I would fight till no end when we were younger, and I can’t even imagine how insane you were probably going because of us. Then our fighting would end up with me screaming and slamming my door, but you know I’d like to say those temper tantrums were just my way of saying I love you. Because I do love you, though I may not say it much (because I’m not a lovey dovey person – also got that from you), I want you to know I do.



P.S. Stop feeding Rosie part of your dinner because I know that’s what you’re doing right now as you read this. She’s going on a diet when I get home.

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